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imagesIf you’re using e-mail marketing to grow your organization in Europe, Switzerland and France Customers and Business email database are the one you’ll want to have. Our own statistics indicates that these are 2 email database which are the most desired online markers and the companies that target in their campaigns Consumers or b2b in European union.

Why Swiss and France Customers and b2b email database?

That is simple ..

Swiss is a territory with the highest number of billionaires in divided by amount of people in the country. Individuals there are really rich. Even regular people operates in the regular Business sectors has high pay so they can purchase anything they want in the consumer sector. This is the similar in the commercial sector. This is the reason why you have to have the Swiss mailing list.

On the other hand in French is still one of the biggest world economies and individuals also have big salaries there however they are even more likely to shop and buy and consume even bigger variety of services and products. That is possibly the very same for the b2b sector too. So that you need to have the French email database too.

So in what French and Switzerland Consumers and b2b are interested in?

Usually you need to use your France or Switzerland consumers email database to reach potential leads in the following sectors: fitness, wellness, health, vegan and organic food, consumer electronics, make-up, finance and you name it.

Switzerland and France Firms are ready to subscribe for one more email leads: finance, sales, online marketing, web site design, electronics, software and you name it.

What’s the best way to get your email leads of French or Switzerland mailing leads?

Normally the best way to to have your own email list is to collect it yourself. This is not so hard knowing how but is way more expensive and will also take you years. As expected the result can be really effective if you know how to do it. Said that we are going to encourage you to undertake it but to not limit to this option if you need results today.

The other way which should be your short term strategy is to buy your French and Swiss email database of consumers and b2b leads.One of the biggest email list providers is Live Medio.

At Live Medio you can find number of different consumers and business mailing list. There you can find not only French and Swiss email list but also email database from other countries.

So for the subject of this article here are the email database of France and Switzerland:
French Customers email list
Swiss Consumers email database
Switzerland b2b email leads

So as we said if you see reasons why you have to grow your business in entire Europe or world we email database from the all main global countries:

United States email database
Canada mailing list
Australia email leads
South Africa email database
United Kingdom email list
Poland email leads
Spain email list
Germany email database

And many more.

Tips on how to send e mail marketing campaign to your email list?

Normally once you get your package from Live Medio, whether this is Switzerland or French mailing list or any other, you will have file with instructions how to send your first email marketing campaign. If we have to review it here: you must transfer your email list into your preferred mass mail sender then you will be prepared to make your e-mail marketing campaign then you will be ready to go.

If you have more questions regarding your Swiss or French email list please get in touch with our help and support team today and will be happy to support you with more info. So check out Live Medio.com today.

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