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imagesE Mail Marketing in Hong Kong and the reason why you need killing mailing list of consumers and business leads?

Hong Kong is one of the most powerful e commerce markets on the earth. Research claims that in 2015 81% from the people in Hong Kong ever purchased something from internet. This is large number which is incredible b2b and b2c market At all there’s not so much rules for the eCommerce business still in Hong Kong. So you see this is remarkable marketplace you must take advantage on it and Email Marketing is among the channels you have to use. Once we mentioned e-mail marketing we must claim that behind that we need huge and high quality mailing list that we have to use for our email marketing promotion.

Extra details about eCommerce and e-mail marketing in Hong Kong?

First The size of the e-commerce market in 2016 is expected to be $3.5 Billion. People in Hong Kong are really into Shopping On The Internet, E-mail Marketing, and Social networking, in fact average person from Hong Kong is just about to spend $321 and the regular american is able to pay up to $183. Usually Individuals from Hong Kong are incredibly good in English however due to the chinese is their first language it isn’t really easy to collect huge and top quality mailing list. If you wish to have an excellent mailing list from Hong Kong Consumers or b2b you may have to figure to purchase it.

As it is known the trend is the same here: women are tend to be into buying then men and young individuals are spending more the the oldest. So consider this when you choose to buy your consumers mailing list.


Where you can Buy Hong Kong B2c and Business Mailing List?

Live Medio is amongst the most trusted mailing list companies from all over the world. At Live Medio you’ll find email lists from over 30 countries world wide, both the b2b and b2c mailing lists. At the web page you can find not only Hong Kong Business and people subscriber list but additionally Chinese customers mailing list and both the Japanese business and consumers mailing lists.

Here’s to Buy Hong Kong Mailing Lists:

Hong Kong business mailing list

Hong Kong consumers mailing list

Here are some more mailing lists:

Singapore  email list

Malaysia  subsciber lists

Japan people subsciber lists

This is why that Hong Kong is awesome b2c and b2b marketplace and this is how you get to launch your online business there right now. If you think about using e-mail marketing to promote your business in Hong Kong no matter whether it will perform business or consumers market and also you need email list feel free to contact the people from Live Medio. They’ll be in a position to offer you subscriber list not only from Hong Kong but from several countries on the planet to make certain that you will have the best email marketing campaign ever.

If you need to read  more about Hong Kong email lists have a look here:



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